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To schedule your appointment and begin your journey towards wellness and healing you can call 980-221-2113, fill out my contact form on the home page, or message me through Therapy Appointment using the links below. After clicking "Schedule Now", you can search by my name, Dr. Audrey Atkinson.

Call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation to learn how I can help. You can also send me an email using the contact form on the home page and I will be happy to reach out to you. 

Individual Therapy Lake Norman


If you are looking to cultivate positive life changes, receive treatment for difficult symptoms, and a space to learn about yourself, please click below to schedule today.

Couples therapy Lake Norman


If you are looking to strengthen and enrich your relationship, please click below to schedule today.

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Intake Session

Please arrive to your intake appointment with your paperwork completed. If you have not been able to complete the paperwork, please arrive 15 minuets early.   During the intake I will begin by briefly reviewing your completed paperwork and the informed consent and therapy agreement.  I am happy to answer any questions about therapy and provide any clarification.  The next part of the intake I will hear a bit more from you about your current struggles and what is bringing you into therapy.  During this time we will be assessing your needs and discussing what approach may work best for you.  I may also gather some additional history and/or follow up with questions I have from your completed paperwork.  I understand that the intake can often be very difficult as you are opening up to someone whom you just met. Please know that this first step is very courageous and I do not take this privilege lightly.  The intake session is 60 minutes long. 

Therapy Sessions

After the intake session, individual therapy sessions will typically last 45-55 minutes and couples therapy sessions will last 60 minutes.  In rare instances, individual sessions may last longer, but this option will be discussed in advance.   It often takes a few sessions to help determine if the provider is a good fit for you and your needs.  Frequency of sessions and length of therapy will be discussed individually, as needs can vary greatly.   Therapy sessions will be focused on helping you live your values and reach the goals you have set for yourself.  I always recommend a final session when you decide to end therapy, as it helps provide you with closure and directions for your next step, in addition to a healthy good-bye. 

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