Overcoming Depression and Anxiety 

Depression and anxiety can suck all the joy out of life. You may find that you no longer have the motivation to do things you used to love or you may be so worried it's hard to live life and be content.  You may find these issues impacting your work, education, or relationships.  It can be easy to believe things will never get better. 

Therapy can help you learn different ways of relating to your thoughts and feelings, as well as healthy ways to cope with life stressors. There are many ways to get back to enjoying life and relationships.  Learning to be kind to yourself and listening to your inner wisdom can be helpful in your journey. Therapy can also help you identify areas you care about and how to focus on these areas despite some struggles. I have extensive experience and training in these areas and offer treatment that has been based in research and shown to be helpful in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Trauma Recovery

Trauma can often leave you feeling like you are stuck in the past and are no longer able to enjoy life. The memories may haunt both your waking and sleeping hours. 

Recovery is possible, whether it has been a few weeks or a few decades since your trauma. The goal of trauma therapy is to help you to learn how to cope with strong emotions in a healthy way, process the emotions around the trauma, and create a life you want to life in the present. The treatment I use is based in research and considered the gold-standard. 


Individual Therapy 

Even if you are not in a dark place or really struggling with unhelpful beliefs or feelings, therapy can be beneficial.  Perhaps you are wanting to make positive changes, learn more about yourself, or develop a more mindful and self-compassionate stance.  I will work with you to identify your goals and needs during treatment and develop a personalized approach, based in research, to best serve you. 


Faith Based Treatment

If desired, I am happy to integrate your faith and spirituality into treatment.  If you have a strong faith system, it may be helpful to incorporate healing beliefs and truths that resonate for you.  This integration can easily be tailored and could look like including scriptures or Holy writings, prayer, and/or openly talking about your beliefs in this area. I have specialized training in the integration of faith and psychology and this integration was a core piece of my doctoral program.