903 Northeast Drive, #102

Davidson, NC 28036

Providing therapy and psychological evaluations to Lake Norman and the surrounding areas

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Creating hope to empower you for positive change.


Welcome to Balanced Mind Psychological Services! Life is full of challenges that can leave you feeling down, anxious, and stressed. At these times it can be easy to lose sight of your values, have difficulty coping, and be unable to experience meaning and joy. Seeking help is courageous. I am equipped to help you with your current struggles, whether that is anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship difficulties. In therapy, I work on creating hope for positive change and providing you with tools to live your values and focus on what is important to you. I look forward to walking alongside you on your life journey and helping you explore how you can reach your full potential. Please click the bubbles to learn more about the specialized therapy and testing services I offer. Click here to learn more about my background in psychology and my hours.  Keep scrolling for more information about how to contact me and get started in therapy. 

“The most dangerous stories we make up are the narratives that diminish our inherent worthiness. We must reclaim the truth about our lovability, divinity, and creativity.” 

Dr. Brené Brown



 I love helping people develop the skills they need to cope with life’s challenges and find it rewarding to see others heal and thrive. It is easy to get connected and I can typically get back to inquires within 24 business hours, if not sooner. Call me today for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see how I can help you on your path towards peace and wholeness. For questions about how therapy works and if therapy can be helpful, please see my FAQ page. To schedule your intake online, please see my Getting Started page


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903 Northeast Drive, #102

Davidson, NC 28036

As you are approaching the office you will drive through a residential area. Keep driving and I am in the office building on the lake.